We provide the most cost-effective remote monitoring and management
to work smarter and more efficiently.

Our services now include system monitoring solutions. Our system monitoring solutions are not just about deliver service. We deliver convenience and peace-of-mind to our customers. International Digital Systems helps you monitor and manage customer networks, device status and much more.


Automated Network Mapping

Any device status changes are reported to the cloud and are visible via mobile and web apps in real-time. The network mapping feature significantly reduces the set-up time of managed network switches.
  • Device Monitoring
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Network Mapping
  • Multi Subnets & VLAN
  • ZigBee Monitoring
  • Cresnet Monitoring

Network & Device Alerts

Email and push notification alerts for network status, device offline and when a new device is found (intruder alerts). Our alert system and personnel can help you avoid costly downtime by immediately alerting the right people when:
  • Quality of service degrades
  • A predefined content pattern is identified
  • Thresholds are exceeded
  • Failures occur

Diagnostics & Reporting

Perfect for helping customers understand the value of remote support. Regularly emails reports that provide useful, detailed information about your network equipment’s performance and reliability. Reports are automatically sent via email at the interval of your choosing.
  • Speed Test
  • Internet Health
  • Network Log & Reports
  • Ethernet port Monitoring

Flexible Remote Access

Remote access to web, console and remote desktop devices. Supports remote access using http/s, RDP, SSH or Telnet connections.
  • Remote Desktop
  • Console Access
  • Web Access


Our system monitoring solutions provide a complete range of services to a broad array of worldwide industries and customers. Retail & Franchises, Small and medium-sized business & Enterprise etc.
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