Korman Sports


Korman Sports is a US-based international company that produces and sells different types of gloves for many different areas of need. With a factory that is currently located in Indonesia and a warehouse in the US, Korman Sports exports their products to every continent but Australia.

While Korman Sports was redesigning their website, a conflict arose which stopped them from making the perfect website that they needed. However, IDS soon stepped in. IDS aided Korman Sports by redesigning their website and helping them market their products in an appealing and efficient manner. With the help of IDS, Korman Sports’ sales have increased greatly, and has received a higher demand for their copper-infused gloves thanks to IDS’s marketing strategies. With the help of IDS, brand awareness of Korman Sports has increased and Korman Sports has earned the title of a company with efficient, helpful, and trustworthy products.
  • Korman Sports needed a website-makeover, but could not find the right company to redesign their website
  • IDS redesigned their website and helped increase their brand awareness.
  • IDS helped the marketing of Korman Sports’ items and has had a very positive effect of Korman Sports’ marketing and sales as a whole.
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